How it all began

Sauti started the narration to the group of sages in Naimisha forest.

It all began with a mighty egg, the one inexhaustible seed of all created beings. The darkness engulfed the planet, and this egg came into being. It is called Mahadivya and was formed at the beginning of the yuga.

From this egg, came out the lord Pitamaha Brahma; with Suraguru and Sthanu.
Then the twenty-one Prajapathis – namely Manu, Vasishtha and Parameshthi; ten Prachetas, Daksha and seven sons of Daksha.
Then the Viswe-Devas, the Adityas, the Vasus, and the twin Aswins; the Yakshas, the Sadhyas, the Pisachas, the Guhyakas, and the Pitris.
The wise and most holy Brahmarshis, and the numerous Rajarshis distinguished by every noble quality came into existence.
Then the water, the heavens, the earth, the air, the sky, the points of the heavens, the years, the seasons, the months, the fortnights, called Pakshas, with day and night in due succession. And thus all things which are known to humankind were produced.